Mapping Trees

Mapping Trees


Treezilla is a simple but ambitious project to map all the trees in Great Britain. The project hopes that citizen scientists – everyone from school children to tree lovers of all ages – will get involved, measure a tree and log it on the Treezilla database, eventually forming a ‘monster map of trees’.

You can visit their website here:

Run by the Open Science Laboratory at the Open University, in partnership with Forest Research and Treeconomics, the initial focus of the project is to examine the ‘ecosystem services’ provided by trees.

Jonathan Silvertown, Professor of Ecology at The Open University, said:

‘We know there are 3.8 billion trees in forests and woodlands and another 123 million elsewhere in the countryside, but no overall estimate exists of the number of urban trees, or trees on private estates. Treezilla will help us to get a more accurate picture of this important resource’.