Tillingbourne Tales

The Tillingbourne Tales are a series of stories focused on the workers of the Tillingbourne Valley. Created as part of a Heritage Lottery Funded (HLF) project which focused on the wonderful and unique industrial heritage of the Tillingbourne Valley. With approximately 50 water wheels at its height, powering 24 known mills and supporting 12 different industries at various periods in time, including weaving, tanning, iron-working, paper-milling and gunpowder production, the valley’s idyllic landscape holds a significant legacy of cultural heritage.

The stories were created to engage young people with their local history.

Story 1 – Maggie Jones, Worker at Gomshall Tannery

Meet Maggie Jones, a 17 year old worker at Gomshall Tannery during the war in 1942.

Maggie grew up in the village of Shere with her parents and younger sister and brother.

Find out more about Maggie’s life working in the Tannery.

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