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Zoe’s Waffle On Stick

Delicious waffles on a stick!

Traditional sweet waffles that are hot, fluffy, soft on the inside, crunchy crispy on the outside with a light- airy texture.

The delicious hot waffles are baked freshly in front of the customer. They are then dipped into Montezuma organic chocolate that is made in West Sussex. The customer has the choice of either organic 37% cocoa milk chocolate, white organic chocolate or organic 73% cocoa dark chocolate.

The waffles are then topped with the choice organic nuts ( Almond, Hazelnut, Walnut and Pistachio). The choice of natural coloured seasonal sprinkles ( all our sprinkles are made from natural ingredients, no artificial colours, no artificial flavours and no hydrogenated fats).

Our other toppings are crushed Oreo, salted caramel fudge, vanilla fudge, honeycomb, amaretti, crushed gingerbread cookies, crushed biscoff, marshmallows, coconut, chocolate sprinkles and many more. All on a stick!

Our story – 7 years in the making

The idea came from taking my kids out to events and buying their favourite waffles but the problem was that the waffles were square and on a plate. When you are at an event it’s not always possible to sit down around a table or have cutlery to cut the waffle and if you could manage to sit down and cut the waffle, it would mess up the shape and texture.

It took Seven years of research to come up with away to have the waffle on a stick. Then trying so many different ingredients to make the mix. We also tried so many chocolates but really when it came choosing the chocolate it had to be my favourite chocolate Montezuma. We started with 3 toppings and at every event I went you would have a customer recommending to have a certain topping which we would add to what we already had and now we have over 30 to choose from


We are very proud of what we do and have to offer. We are proud to have taken the Waffle On A Stick stall to a variety of fairs, festivals, weddings, corporate events and private parties of which the waffles have been very popular with amazing feedback due to the unique product that we have to offer.

We believe in trading fairly, from how we work with our suppliers, how much packaging we use, how our packaging must be compostable to how ingredients are sourced. Our motto is to keep our customers highly satisfied with the finest quality, freshness and natural ingredients.

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