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We’re proud of the diverse produce, crafts, activities and places to stay that bring life to our landscape – we think you’ll love them too. Use our directory to help you experience the best of the Surrey Hills.

Tillingbourne Trout Farm

A local, independent and family run business in Abinger Hammer, Surrey since June 1999. The site at Tillingbourne Trout Farm covers five acres: The fish farm is half an acre, the fisheries cover one and half acres and the remaining three acres are surrounding fields and land, all of which are regularly maintained.

Tillingbourne Smokery

The fish is smoked on site using a traditional method with local materials. A whole host of fish is smoked, the most common being the trout we grow on site. Salmon is shipped down from Scotland and mackerel and other sea fish comes up from the south coast day boats.

There are two different methods of smoking that Tillingbourne use, cold smoking and hot smoking.

Farm Shop

The lovely little farm shop on site at Tillingbourne offers you seasonal, quality, local products that you won’t normally find in the supermarkets. You will find a whole range of produce. Both fresh and frozen seafood, locally reared meat and game, farm fresh eggs and smoked produce, all available for purchase and most made on site.

Trout Pond

Designated exclusively for catch your own fishing. This pond is supplied with crystal clear water from the local spring and is stoked daily – as required, sometimes twice a day – with trout from the farm stock.

This is ideal for all the family, a traditional day out, which allows children (and adults alike) to learn more about fishing and the food they eat.




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