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Surrey & Sussex E-Bike Hire Ltd

Electric bike hire, offering a delivery and collection service. We supply lights, first aid kit, locks and helmets as included in our hire.

Our e-bike hire company has been set up with the vision of promoting tourism and fun in the Surrey and Sussex area, enabling mums, dads, and grandparents to keep up with their children and grandchildren, and explore the local scenery in comfort and style.

Our Story

Having had the privilege of traveling extensively for my work, there was no greater feeling than flying home seeing the green patchwork fields, lakes, and woodland below – it was a real feeling of coming home. Then the pandemic struck and the travel restrictions that came with it. You start to appreciate what you have around you and how lucky you are to live in such a beautiful place.

Pondering on what the next chapter in life would be, whilst sitting in a local pub garden, I noticed some chap come speeding past on a bike. I thought it looked like fun – but then the twinge in my knee, pain in my hip and the hills around reminded me that I’m not 25 anymore! I put the idea aside shortly after. Just then, a slightly older gentleman came by at a reasonable speed and I realised that they were riding electric bikes. Off I went to see if I could try one and, it was from there, that Surrey and Sussex E-bike hire was started.

Our Love of the Surrey Hills

It’s a privilege to live in Surrey and, in a way, I am guilty of not realising it and taking it for granted. It’s only when something is taken away from you that you appreciate what you had. It’s now time to remind people of what’s right here on our doorstep and, with all that’s gone on, wellbeing and mental heath have become more part of an everyday conversation. Being outside is more important and, with bike hire not available locally and so many places to explore, it seemed an obvious thing to provide.

Through doing so, I’m proud to encourage people to see our wonderful countryside and try our local produce, from gin to wine gardens to historic homes – there is so much to see.