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Surrey Hills Butchers

Traditional butchers with a modern twist selling meat from local, ethical farms in the Surrey Hills.

The team at Surrey Hills Butchers feel very lucky to be based in a beautiful old butcher’s shop that has served the village of Oxshott and the surrounding area since the early 1900s.

Owned by Simon Taylor, who has worked in traditional butcher shops since he was 13, Surrey Hills Butchers consider themselves to be very traditional, but also very modern. Simon’s wealth of experience, respect for this knife skill trade, and knowledge of old school cuts is combined with his understanding of the way the culinary world moves daily. At Surrey Hills Butchers you will always find a reinvented dish or a spin on the classics, as well as new ideas on how to cook less well-known cuts.

We always try to use as much local produce as we can and we are very lucky to have some great farmers around us in the Surrey Hills. We mix with the sort of people who care about their livestock; ‘from field to plate’ starts very much with the farmer. Every step of our food’s journey is important, from how the animal is fed to how it is slaughtered. Not to mention how it is butchered and cooked!

The world we live in gives us multiple choices – we can choose to buy something to match a budget… we can choose something of superior quality. No matter what our choices, it is important that we think not only about the product we are buying but the journey it has been on.

Inspirational recipes for meat can also be found at the Surrey Hills Butchers’ website. or visit us at one of the following locations:-

Surrey Hills Butchers                                                               

Aberdeen House,                          

High Street,                                                                                            



KT22 0JR                                                                                                    

Tel: 01372 844890                                                                      


Surrey Hills Butchers   

Frensham Food Hall @ Squires Garden Centre, 

The Reeds Road, 



GU10 3BP   

Tel: 01252 797937   

Seasons Farm Shop @ Lavershot Barns,

London Road,



GU20 6LL

 Tel: 01276 408563