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A social media coach and Ads expert

Since launching Studio 5 Social I have had the opportunity to support many brilliant individuals and small businesses through coaching, consultancy and workshops. This has allowed them to go on and build engaging social media profiles and consistently exceed their digital marketing goals.

I offer a range of training and coaching sessions that will ensure you are fully equipped with the tools and knowledge to make your social media a success.

I support individuals and businesses to achieve results, build great customer relationships and unlock sales opportunities through their social media presence.

My Story

Whilst I have always had social bones I haven’t always been the fan of using social media that I am today.

Realising I was late to the party but sensing the power of social media when used effectively and managed well I insta(ntly!) saw the huge impact it can have in driving sales and growing a brand.

I also know how overwhelming it can be – which is the best platform to use? how can I make that platform work for me? what is the best strategy for my business? how often do I need to be posting’? I’ve been there and felt it all! This is why I am so passionate about helping other business owners ‘get’ social and unlock the value from being a powerful social brand.

My Love for the Surrey Hills

I have always worked closely with my local community and always found this to be a really supportive environment to work within. Having recently moved to the area I would love to have the opportunity to be able to continue this and work closely with local businesses.