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Prism Agriculture

Prism Agriculture Ltd is an agricultural and rural consultancy service for farmers, landowners and rural businesses.

Working on behalf of individual clients, and/or alongside your preferred Town Planning Consultant / Architect or Chartered Surveyor around Surrey to provide rural planning related Justification Statements to support planning applications for:

  • Temporary or permanent residential dwellings for agricultural, rural or equestrian workers.
  • Agricultural and horticultural buildings / timber and forestry machinery buildings.
  • Change of use of agricultural buildings to residential or mixed commercial uses.
  • Advice on sustainable agriculture to benefit the environment.
  • Soil / Foliar / Water testing (full details are on our website)
  • Orchard development proposals including soil testing, planning and selection of trees and structures required
  • Business Collaboration & Project Management

Have you thought about planting an Orchard?

If you are considering planting an orchard, no matter how large or small. We are experienced in tackling large country estate plantings and design as well as cutting edge city fruitscapes. If you are baffled by rootstocks or confused about pollination groups – don’t worry, we are happy to work through all the options with you to find the trees that are best suited to your space and soil type.

So, whether it’s Gala apples for your lunchbox or the heritage ‘Flower of Kent’ cooking apples made famous by Isaac Newton discovering Gravity, we have the trees for you.

Prism Agriculture works closely with ‘Grow at Brogdale’ who hand graft fruit trees from the 4,000 different varieties of fruit in the National Fruit Collection, with rare and heritage varieties being our specialism.  This comprises of over 4,000 varieties: around 2,400 apples, 500 pears, 280 cherries, 300 plums + Nuts, Quince, Medlar and Berries). Every tree grafted is a little piece of British history. An established apple tree can expect between 30 – 50kg of fruit per annum.

Prism Agriculture and ‘Grow’ recently established a 400-tree heritage orchard at Dunsfold, Surrey to fit in with listed buildings at the site and create biodiversity. This started with Soil Testing prior to selecting varieties:


Fruit trees add value to the environment. 150 mature fruit trees absorb as much CO2 as a car driving 26,500 miles per year. They also provide shade and a natural habitat for bees and other insects.

Discounts are only available for Fruit Trees via Prism Agriculture Ltd (the discount available is off the standard nursery prices).

Use Code: PRISM-AUTUMN18 for

7.5% off ‘half standard’ or ‘maiden’ fruit/nut tree varieties.

(Half standard trees are 2 – 3 years old and are some 2 metres tall when supplied, they could provide fruit the summer of the year of planting, provided they are planted correctly and watered regularly. These trees will need to be staked and tied.)

(Maiden trees are 12 months old and will be about 1m tall, fruiting from these trees will not be expected for another 2-3 years. They will also need to be staked and tied.)

(excluding stakes, sundries, rootgrow and land preparation),

Planting and ongoing Pruning Services are also available nationwide.

For further info: https://www.prism-agriculture.co.uk/surrey.php

01483 677476 / 07805 843332

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