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Pinpoint Coaching

At PinPoint Coaching we understand the complexities of Leadership in a global environment and bring experience and expertise of managing teams, services and projects across countries and cultures.

We deliver personal and team coaching to enable positive sustainable outcomes with a focus on Leadership development for International organisations.

Our coaching focuses on current and future leaders in International and complex businesses to enable you to focus on delivering tangible results.



Whether you are a seasoned manager or this is your first role, at PinPoint we can work with you to identify which areas to concentrate on and fast track your results.

  • Leading teams and colleagues through change where-ever they are located
  • Engaging stakeholders in different regions of a country or different countries and time-zones
  • Influencing and communication skillset building
  • Managing work – life balance in a digital landscape where leaders are on call via mobile devices 24/7



PinPoint can work with you and your team to drive value from where-ever they are located.

  • create a shared vision of their purpose
  • agree how to work together effectively
  • enabling teams to be empowered and focus on delivering value
  • self-managing teams


For individuals working in complex or multicultural environments and international businesses who are looking to make an impact and develop their career working alongside others chasing similar goals. Gain the benefits of coaching and peer feedback to enable you to attain the best you can be. People who commit to change working within a group succeed because of the power of sharing their goals embeds their commitment to change. Think of the success of slimming groups and self-help groups and see how we can accelerate your career progression.

This is a fantastic opportunity to work with a group of peers across multiple disciplines and backgrounds to gain the benefits of coaching and peer review for personal growth and development in today’s workplace.





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