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Natural and vegan products with a specialism in soy candles and body oils

INZHO is based on the concept of HOZHO which is the Native American’s wellness philosophy to provide balance for mind, body and soul.

We specialise in creating natural and vegan products with a specialism in soy candles and body oils. Each of our product ranges are inspired and formulated around spirit animals to help overcome a variety of psychological concerns such as stress, lack of energy or just feeling a little unlucky.

We make every product by hand (including our candle wicks) in small batches in Haslemere, Surrey and only use the best quality pure essential oils within each range.

At the beginning of 2021, we have branched out further and opened Haslemere’s first vegan beauty treatment room which is based right in the heart of Haslemere.

Our Story

INZHO was created in 2019 by Lucy Bullen, a beauty therapist, aromatherapist and a lover of candles.

“I absolutely LOVE candles (If you saw my house, it is a complete give away – I have candles everywhere). But it was not until I started researching about candles that I realised what I thought was a ‘natural’ candle was not necessarily a candle that actually benefited me and the environment around me. I found out that majority of candles are made with paraffin (which is natural) but is known to release carcinogenic molecules into the atmosphere. I also found out that most candles are fragranced with fragrance oils (synthetic versions of essential oils) which again (to me anyways) is not natural.

As I am a beauty therapist and aromatherapist by trade, I wanted to make a candle that smelt gorgeous but also at the same time, would provide therapeutic benefits not so dissimilar from an aromatherapy treatment. It was at that point that the beginnings of INZHO then started to form.

Once the candle making part was learnt, I began working in collaboration with a local company to help me find a unique concept that linked in with therapeutic benefits of the essential oils. With lots of research and deep thought, we discovered the HOZHO concept. HOZHO is a complex wellness philosophy from the Navajo (Native American) culture which revolves around balance, harmony and beauty for mind, body and soul for all living things.

Since the beginnings of INZHO, I have also launched a body oil collection in March 2020. Each body oil is formulated with the same essential oil blends as my candle ranges and once applied, it will leave your skin feeling (and looking) glowing and deeply nourished.

I really hope you love our products as much as I do! I am looking forward to helping connect you with your spirit animal to achieve a state of wellness and balance, leaving you “in hozho”.

Our Love of the Surrey Hills

I absolutely love being based in the Surrey Hills and always strive to support the environment that we live in as much as I can. Pre covid, I offered a candle jar return scheme where you could drop off your empty candle jar at one of my markets and get a discount off another candle. It was extremely successful, however due to covid I have not been able to do markets and therefore could not continue with the scheme at present. Instead I have offered details on how my customers can reuse their candle jars at home.