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BlueBeagle Sustainability Ltd

Empowering businesses to thrive by becoming sustainable and regenerative.

Sustainability Business Consulting and Training. Sustainable Business Accreditations Consulting including B Corp, Future Fit, and Planet Mark frameworks, a specialist in SMEs sustainability.

Measuring your business success through People, Planet & Profit provides your business with the tools to see your business through a sustainability lens, providing a pathway to deliver a regenerative, resilient, responsible business.

Make your business a one planet business today and get in touch.

Our story

BlueBeagle has been running for 8 years and until recently was a business & marketing consultancy. The business is taking a massive pivot to deliver sustainable business models to SMEs.

MD Leo Kane has just completed a range of courses in sustainability including Cambridge Institute of Sustainable Leadership’s Business Sustainable Management to complement his undergraduate studies in Environmental Science.

Leo is currently undertaking a Masters in Sustainable Development. This dramatic change is due to the BlueBeagle’s belief that Business can be a massive driver in change to deliver the required change combat the climate emergency and also that there is a better way for mankind co-existence with planet delivering a better quality of life.


Our place in the Surrey Hills

A Lifer, born and raised in the Surrey hills.

We are lucky enough to live and work in an amazing and beautiful place.

Our community should be aiming to protect and regenerate our environment whilst delivering work, support and pleasure to the locals and those lucky enough to visit to enjoy our countryside for work or pleasure.