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Birtley House Nursing Home

Birtley House is dedicated to providing the highest levels of personalised care, with an emphasis on care of the whole person, and a range of different accommodation options.

Excellent Care

Birtley is constantly seeking to ensure their standard of nursing care is the best available and are proud to have gained ‘PLATINUM’ status in the Gold Standards Framework in care homes award.

Birtley House has blended traditional values of courtesy and care with modern, professional nursing care methods to offer Residents a lifestyle which ensures that their personal preferences, independence, privacy and dignity are respected at all times

Home from Home Approach

Birtley strives to help everyone who lives here feel that they have simply moved home, rather than left home and people often comment that the warm, welcoming and inclusive atmosphere at Birtley House is very different from other homes they have visited.

“..… a place where she has found great peace and happiness, a Home which truly is, for her,  a real and much loved home” 

A number of Residents’ relatives have mentioned that the ‘home from home’ feeling is one of the most important aspects of the Birtley House ethos, where both Residents and their relatives enjoy the feeling of being part of a big family.

Birtley House’s greatest asset remains the continuity of the Whalley family’s active involvement, which now spans eighty five years, together with their determination to offer individual care in a warm and welcoming environment.

The ‘family home’ atmosphere has always been a key factor in the popularity of Birtley. Residents and their own families and new generations now moving in who remember parents or even grandparents in the Home!

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