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We are a luxury health food company specialising in artisan, hand rolled Energy Balls.

We use only natural ingredients, harnessing the power of plants to give you the energy and nutrients you need to feel and perform at your best, whilst giving you a taste sensation, fudgy texture and sweet and salty decadence that will truly satisfy.

BalsaGreat taste, great health. No compromise!

Made fresh and shipped frozen straight to your door. Simply take one out of the fridge and eat from chilled or store in the freezer and take one out with you to snack on throughout the day. Great for a post workout snack, after dinner sweet fix or to get you through the morning or afternoon energy dip.

No more dry, crumbly, chalky, hard, bland balls. You deserve a far better snacking experience, minus the guilt.

We are full of nutrients and full of flavour. Yes, you can have both!

Our Story

BalsaFounded in Australia in 2016 and now being hand rolled in the Surrey Hills, UK.

As a personal trainer, health and nutrition coach, recipe developer, runner and mum, I’m passionate about whole foods, the power of nature, the human body and great tasting food!

I have hand crafted recipes for these nutrient dense, energy filled pick-me-ups that satisfy your health, your hunger as well as your desire for something fresh, decadent, indulgent and delicious.

I see people compromising on this everywhere and after being tired of spending top dollar on shelf bought ‘health food’ that was often laden with un-natural ingredients and a dry and unsatisfying texture, these Salted Caramel, Chocolate Brownie and Pistachio Matcha balls are my solution.

Love of the Surrey Hills


Harnessing knowledge and experience gained from a background in health, nutrition, fitness and recipe development, I’m keen to support and encourage the local community to make their health a priority and to embrace nature as a place to exercise, relax and explore.

Through Balsa, I want to show that the healthy option can be – and should be – a joyful one.

Sustainability is key. I use all recyclable packaging, re-usable ice packs and monthly subscription boxes to better care for the environment. Subscribers also receive a free reusable tin to transport their snacks to avoid the use of plastic wrappers.

By offering a fresh product, free from preservatives and unnatural sweeteners, I can ensure that nothing artificial is going into our products, using only nurturing ingredients that improve the health of the community close by and further afield.

As part of our holistic approach, subscribers also receive free content on healthy family recipes, all abilities fitness activities and healthy lifestyle tips, ensuring that we are giving back to those that purchase our energy balls, supporting wellbeing and positive, healthy living.