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Ad Alta Sports Therapy

Amanda is a manual therapist and well-being advisor who specialises in helping the more mature individual get out of pain and improve their mobility, so that they can live their life to the full.
She works primarily with people who are successful in business, who have noticed the odd niggle, ache, or pain, or have realised that they simply can’t do things that they used to find pretty easy. Whatever their issue, they are not ready to let that get in the way of them leading their business from the helm, or enjoying their leisure time.

Amanda also works with people to alleviate the discomfort and mobility issues associated with a long-term condition, whether the result of surgery or an accident, or associated with arthritis, osteoporosis, muscular sclerosis, or one of many other conditions.

Amanda uses a combination of therapies, including manual techniques and subtle electrotherapies, which have been selected based on her personal experience of them giving a long-term improvement for more mature individuals.

Our story

Amanda discovered her passion when she and her son attended a demonstration of sports therapy. She had reached a point of total disillusionment with her career as a senior international tax specialist in a large multi-national group and had been visiting various health professionals and alternative therapists to help her son with a succession of rugby injuries. She immediately started investigating how to get into sports therapy and soon set about re-training.

As a late-starter in the field, she was keen to undertake a good level of training, although she soon realised the value of her own experience of pain and injury from a combination of a demanding corporate career and an active personal life. She set up Ad Alta Sports Therapy early in 2016 and soon realised that her difference was her insight into the more mature body, from living with one!

Amanda’s love of the Surrey Hills

“I like to be rural and choose to spend my leisure time in the countryside, particularly the Surrey Hills, where I participate in canicross with my rescue lurcher, Dazzy.

I grew up in rural Cornwall and lived for a long time in the middle of the Pennines. With this history, I appreciate the importance of supporting and promoting local businesses, particularly given how easy it is to shop on-line and now that so many of us have moved away from our roots and need help to find the right supplier for our needs.

I believe that we all need to do our bit to reduce our footprint on the environment and keeping things local is part of that. As a therapist, another part of that for me is ensuring that I satisfy hygiene standards and maintain an appropriate environment for my clients, without wasting resources or causing unnecessary pollution.”

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