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Government Pledges £7.5m to Get People in Surrey Back in the Saddle

The government has promised £7.5m to encourage more people in the Surrey area to leave their cars at home and instead get on their bicycles. The scheme hopes to create increased safety and awareness training for cyclists. There will also be bicycle repair and maintenance courses to boost more environmentally friendly travel. This pledge to Surrey cyclists is part of a three-year £64m programme of funding across the country. The aim is for car journeys to fall by 95 million and for cycling trips to rise by an extra 40,000 per day.

There has already been a significant rise in bikes on Britain’s roads, with the number of cyclists increasing by 50% over the last 10 years. And the good news is, as this number is going up, that the number of fatal accidents is going down as individuals and organisations look at how they can improve safety for all road users.