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The Power and Potential of face to face Markets

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Wednesday, 6 May, 2020
9:00 am - 1:30 pm

Albury Organic Vineyard Albury GU5 9BW

Take the stage – act the part – win the crowd

The Power and Potential of the “informal” market places in and around the Surrey Hills.

How to unlock that potential and build your business.

This is a 4 hour interactive seminar focusing on the potential and opportunities offered by “alternative” retail outlets in Surrey. It will include:-

  • An analysis of the types of markets available; Farmers’ Markets, Street Markets, Foodie Fairs, Gift and Craft Markets, Christmas Fairs, Business Fairs, “At Home” markets (presenting and selling your product in a home situation). There will be discussion on how to choose and select markets, and the costs and logistics involved.


  • The importance of clear objectives. Local markets can be used to meet a number of objectives. Exploration of market potential for your product: Testing your product/concept: Selling techniques: Marketing/Brand Building: Building a contact base. The seminar will explore and discuss objectives and the importance of clarity as you go into the market.


  • How to prepare for the market. This will be explored in depth. There are 3 key stages: 1. Logistic and mental pre market preparation. 2. Maintaining flexibility on market to meet your objectives 3. Post market analysis and follow – up.


  • How to act on the market. This is fundamental to success. It gets into the importance of Winning the Crowd to achieve your objectives. We will look at ; the importance of product knowledge and how to use it on the market; creating energy on your market place stand; understanding your customer; creating drama on the “theatre “ of the market place; using your personality to interact with the customer and make your sale; maintaining the balance between flexibility with the customer and your terms and conditions of business.


  • Throughout the seminar, we will use Case Studies of successful (and not so successful) local market place activity. There will be group activity at the end of the session which will call for the use of skills discussed in the Seminar

Cost : £38 Including lunch from Mandiras Kitchen and Albury wine tasting session






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