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Relaxing Forest Bathing in Holmbury St Mary

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Saturday, 11 June, 2022
8:00 am - 10:30 am

Heartwork Coffee Bar Holmbury St Mary Surrey RH5 6LG

During HINOKI Forest Bathing, we take in the forest atmosphere to help us to relax, destress and enhance our wellbeing.

Started in Japan, where it is called shinrin yoku, forest bathing is a slow walk through the woodland, using nature and mindfulness to help you tune into your senses, taking in the relaxing atmosphere of the trees and finding your connection to nature. We finish our session with a Japanese influenced woodland tea ceremony.

Pasturewood is a privately owned woodland with public access. We start our forest bathing journey in a beech and oak woodland, making our way to Scots Pine, Douglas Fir, Birch and more Beech Trees. The final meditation takes place under a very old and beautiful beech tree.

Learn about how the art and science of forest bathing can improve your health and wellbeing and experience the benefits long after your guided sensory walk.

Please visit www.hinokiforestbathing.co.uk to reserve your place under the trees.