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Business advantage through marketing your sustainability values

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Tuesday, 27 April, 2021
4:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Gain a business advantage by effectively marketing your sustainability values and actions.

Being a Trade Mark Member of the Surrey Hills indicates that you already have sustainability high on your business agenda. Whilst you may be doing great things to protect the environment and become more sustainable, you may not yet be adept at communicating and marketing your sustainability values and actions to your customers and the wider audience.

This online workshop is designed to help you learn how best to communicate those values and actions in a way that makes sense to your customers and in a way that will give you a business advantage.

Marketing your sustainability values and actions – Key takeaways

Dr Xavier Font is professor of sustainability marketing at the University of Surrey, will work with you to learn

  • how you can better market and communicate what makes you different
  • how it makes your customer’s experience more complete
  • realistic ideas you can adapt to your customers’ need
  • How to reassure them you are the right company for their needs
  • How to gain competitive advantage from sustainable tourism

All without idealism, jargon and save the planet messages.

Xavier Font - Sustainable Business marketing

FACILITATOR: Dr Xavier Font is a professor of sustainability marketing at the University of Surrey. He specialises in helping small firms to gain a competitive advantage from using sustainable tourism as a tool for product development, marketing and communications.  Xavier has run this course in the UK and overseas over 130 times for 2,500, accommodation and activity suppliers, tour operators, national parks and government agencies.

Tickets are £20 for Members £45 for non Members


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