Exhibitor Application Form 2021

Thank you for your interest in being part of the Surrey Hills Wood Fair 2020, a celebration of Surrey Hills, woodland management, woodland skills, crafts and local produce.

Exhibitors are a key part of the event and we would like to thank all exhibitors who have helped to make the Surrey Hills Wood Fair such a success over the last 10 years.

Applications will be assessed as to their suitability to maintain the on-going appeal and integrity of the Wood Fair and to ensure a diverse range and appeal of stalls.

Exhibition places will be assessed according to the following criteria:-

  • Members of Surrey Hills Enterprises
  • Exhibitors who are from the Surrey Hills, Surrey and surrounding areas.
  • Exhibitors who offer hands-on activities or demonstrations as part of the stall offer
  • Exhibitors demonstrating a clear connection to wood based products and activities
  • Retail exhibitors who offer NON plastic products
  • Due to the location, it is beneficial for exhibitors to be able to take mobile card payments

Please read the exhibitor Terms and Conditions and the Exhibitor Rates and then complete and submit your application form and forward a copy of your insurance certificate. Once your initial application is approved you will need to complete the Risk Assessment Form and submit a copy to us.

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact Wendy Varcoe, Executive Director on 01483 661150 or wendy@surreyhillsenterprises.co.uk.

All applications will be assessed by the Surrey Hills Wood Fair team and are subject to approval. Exhibitors will notified the outcome of their application within 10 days of receipt.


Priority will be given to the food type and to Members of Surrey Hills Enterprises and those caterers who are from Surrey and who source local products.

If you are a caterer or beverage outlet and are interested in attending the Surrey Hills Wood Fair please contact Wendy Varcoe on wendy@surreyhillsenterprises.co.uk to register your interest and discuss your stall, prior to making an application.

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    If yes, please give details:

    Please specify the type of display space you require. Prices are for the weekend and exclude VAT:

    Please be aware that pitch sizes and positions will be enforced. You will be required to bring your own gazebo/marquee, tables and chairs as these will not be provided on-site. Please note that preference will be given to stallholders who are based in Surrey and/or members of Surrey Hills Enterprises.

    When do you intend to set up? (required)


    Due to the site layout, mains electricity can be provided for caterers only. All other exhibitors can bring their own diesel generator which must be safe, clean and quiet. Due to safety, no petrol generators are allowed on site.
    Power for caterers can be supplied by the organisers at the following costs.

    Caterers ONLY - Do you require electricity?

    Type of Power Outlet (prices are for the weekend and exclude VAT):
    Single 13A Domestic socket outlet £45
    Single 16A Industrial socket outlet £70
    Single 32A Industrial socket outlet £90

    Please confirm what you will require the electricity for and the KW required to enable us to advise on the level of electricity required

    Electrical Safety Declaration: I understand that all electrical equipment used at the Surrey Hills Wood Fair must have a current PAT certificate, available on request.

    Please note that the position of your stall will be determined by the availability of electricity on site and the booking of electricity is subject to approval

    Food Hygiene & Safety declaration for caterers

    I confirm that I will supply Surrey Hills with a copy of my food Hygiene certificate

    I confirm that I will comply with the latest Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations (where applicable) and the Food Safety (Temperature Control) Regulations? (required)

    Each exhibitor will automatically be entitled to 2 exhibitor passes on acceptance of the application to exhibit. If you require additional tickets, please indicate the number required (maximum of 2 extra tickets for 4m pitches, max of 4 extra tickets for 6m pitches, max of 6 extra tickets for 8m pitches etc.). Additional tickets beyond these will need to be purchased.

    How many entrance tickets do you require for your staff/volunteers? (required)

    Vehicle access

    There is designated car parking for exhibitors' vehicles in the adjacent field. All exhibitor cars will be parked in this area unless the vehicle is required as part of the stall. If this is the case please let us know by supplying the information below.

    How many vehicles will you have on the Wood Fair site?

    Do you need to park next to or behind your exhibit?

    If so, please tell us why:

    Saturday Evening Get together

    There will be a complimentary evening meal for exhibitors on Saturday evening. Please indicate below if you will be staying on Saturday evening (required)

    Public Liability Insurance

    All exhibitors are required to have Public Liability Insurance (minimum of £2,000,000) and submit a copy to us. Please submit your insurance provider's details and policy number below and email a copy of your Public Liability Insurance cover to info@surreyhillsenterprises.co.uk

    Insurance provider:(required)

    Policy number:(required)

    Expiry date:(required)

    Please note, details of your Public Liability Insurance must be provided prior to the event.

    Please give details of any other requirements here (if any)

    Surrey Hills Wood Fair Programme

    All exhibitors will have an entry in the Wood Fair Programme which includes the name of your organsiation, contact details, an image and up to 30 words describing your organisation.

    Please provide up to 30 words for your programme entry (required)

    Image Upload

    To ensure you get an image included in the programme please upload one here. The event image should have a max file size of 1MB.

    The Surrey Hills reserve the right to not publish your image on our website/in our event marketing material.

    There will also be the opportunity for a quarter page advert in the programme for an additional £75

    Would you be interested in having an additional advert? (required)



    • Read the Terms & Conditions.
    • Confirmed insurance provider above & sent a copy of the insurance certificate by email, as part of application.
    • Considered the Risks involved and agree to complete a risk assessment once application is approved.