The Trade Mark Surrey Hills

The Trade Mark Surrey Hills is an accreditation awarded by Surrey Hills Enterprises and is a Mark of outstanding local provenance, quality and sustainability.

The Award promotes the best of what Surrey has to offer. It celebrates those businesses and organisations of high quality that reflect and support the distinct and special nature of the Surrey Hills and who share the values of supporting the local environment.


Who can be awarded the Trade Mark Surrey Hills?

The Trade Mark is awarded to organisations with a trading base within the Surrey Hills who have demonstrated a high percentage of local provenance, consistent quality, environmental sustainability and support for the community and environment of the Surrey Hills.


Do you know an organisation who you feel deserves the Trade Mark Surrey Hills?

Let us know of any Surrey Hills based businesses or organisations that use local produce, have a reputation for excellent quality and have a strong environmental policy, support sustainability.

Suggest a Trade Mark Organisation

  • Every month we give away 2 tickets to the Surrey Hills Wood Fair for any referrals. If you would like to win 2 tickets please leave your email and name.


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