Membership Benefits

Being part of Surrey Hills Enterprises raises Member profiles and increases connections across Surrey and the surrounding areas to potential customers, supporters and other companies and organisations.

Many Members refer to us as their “Surrey Hills Family”, as being a Member offers a strong sense of belonging, community and support


Surrey Hills Marketing platform

  • Website – A dedicated section on the Surrey Hills website to showcase Members and their products and services
  • E-newsletters – Regular E- newsletters to the wider public and Member to Member e-newsletters
  • Magazines and publications – Profiled within Surrey Hills editorials, press releases and opportunities for discounted advertising
  • Events – Opportunity to profile products and services at Surrey Hills events and activities
  • Social Media platforms – Targeted social media on Instagram and Facebook
  • Private Facebook Group – Share ideas, create collaboration, keep informed

Group Benefits

Training & support:

  • Coaching and mentoring support from business leaders
  • Members’ workshops, business development seminars, networking events and inspirational talks from entrepreneurs

Connections – Connections to other businesses, corporates and key organisations across Surrey

Respected – Being part of a qualitative, respected group of businesses who are responsibly contributing to the Surrey Hills and its community

Synergies – Synergies with similar businesses, sharing experiences, opportunities and costs

Endorsement – VIP and leading company endorsement


  • Providing information and workshops on funding for business development
  • Shared marketing platforms saving costs

The Trade Mark Surrey Hills

The Trade Mark Surrey Hills is an accreditation and a Mark of local provenance, quality and sustainability.

The Award promotes the best of what Surrey has to offer and celebrates those businesses of high quality that reflect and support the distinct and special nature of the Surrey Hills.

Members can apply for the Trade Mark which can then be proudly displayed on marketing materials, websites, products, in shops etc.

The Annual Prestige Award

Exemplary members will be awarded the Gold or Silver Trade Mark at an annual ceremony.


Apply for Surrey Hills Membership and the Trade Mark Surrey Hills Award