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Join a fast-growing community of local businesses that benefit from being part of the Surrey Hills

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Surrey Hills Membership provides a unique opportunity for businesses to benefit from being part of a growing community coming together to support one another and the local area.

SHE membership flowchart

SHE membership flowchart

Membership is awarded to organisations, businesses or charities operating within the Surrey Hills or within a 6 mile radius in Surrey and who wish to support Surrey Hills Enterprises and the local area.

Trade Mark Award
Members who meet additional criteria have the opportunity to be awarded The Trade Mark Surrey Hills, which is issued under license and is a mark of quality and local provenance.

The Trade Mark will be awarded to businesses who:

  • Contribute to the Surrey Hills in a responsible manner and who are demonstrating corporate responsibility to conserve and enhance the Surrey Hills.


Membership Criteria

To become a member, businesses must meet the following membership criteria:

  • location of organisation and/or area of operation is within the Surrey Hills or in the County of Surrey within a 6-mile radius
  • goods (grown, produced or sourced locally) and services which employ local people where possible


  • Operate to a quality standard and follow ethical and legal employment and trading practice
  • Customer Care – demonstrate care and a quality service for the customer

Support for Surrey Hills – willing to pledge support for the Surrey Hills

Sustainability/care of the environment – run a business sustainably or are working towards sustainability by demonstrating a commitment to reducing any negative environmental impact

The Pledge

All Members awarded ‘The Trade Mark Surrey Hills’ make the following pledge:

  • Support Surrey Hills – Be active supporters and champions of Surrey Hills and local produce and services by:
    • Using ‘The Trade Mark Surrey Hills’ logo on their marketing materials and literature, for customers and suppliers (delete) and on websites, products, vehicles and premises where commercially viable.
    • Attending workshops and supporting events
  • Environmental – provide a clear demonstration that environmental practices are in place and a pledge to develop and improve sustainability and reduce environmental impact