Exhibitor Application Form

Exhibitors at the Wood Fair are required to:

  • Read the Terms & Conditions.
  • Complete and submit the form below.
  • Complete the Risk Assessment Form once initial application is accepted

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    Please specify the type of display space you require. Prices (Excl VAT) are for the weekend:

    Please be aware that pitch sizes and positions will be enforced. You will be required to bring your own gazebo/marquee, tables and chairs as these will not be provided on site. Please note that preference will be given to caterers who are based in Surrey and/or members of Surrey Hills Enterprises.

    When do you intend to set up?

    Due to the site layout, where mains electrical supply is unavailable, we encourage the use of individual generators, providing that they are safe, clean and quiet. Where it is available, power can be supplied by the organisers at the following costs.

    Will you require electricity?

    Type of Power Outlet (prices include VAT):

    Electrical Safety Declaration: I understand that all electrical equipment used at the Surrey Hills Wood Fair must have a current PAT certificate, available on request.*

    Please note that the position of your stall will be determined by the availability of electricity on site.

    Each exhibitor will be automatically entitled to 2 exhibitor passes on acceptance of the application to exhibit. If you require additional tickets, please indicate the number required (maximum of 3 extra tickets for 4m pitches, max of 5 extra tickets for 6m pitches, max of 7 extra tickets for 8m pitches etc.).

    How many entrance tickets do you require for your staff?

    There is designated car parking for exhibitors' vehicles within the public car park. However, if exhibitors require a vehicle to be parked on the show ground, you need to let us know by supplying the information below.

    How many vehicles will you have on the Wood Fair site?

    Do you need to park next to or behind your exhibit?

    If so, please tell us why:

    All exhibitors are required to have Public Liability Insurance (minimum of £2,000,000) and submit a copy to us. Please submit your insurance provider's details and policy number below and email a copy of your Public Liability Insurance cover to team@surreyhillsenterprises.co.uk

    Insurance provider:

    Policy number:

    Expiry date:

    Please note, details of your Public Liability Insurance must be provided prior to the event.

    Please give details of any other requirements here (if any)