Surrey Hills Enterprises is a Community Interest Company set up to support the exceptional work of the Surrey Hills AONB through brand development, marketing & promotion, events & projects and educational programmes.

The profits made by Surrey Hills Enterprises Community Interest Company will be put back into the community of the AONB through its management plan, which pledges to enhance, preserve and protect the landscape as well as promoting rural economy, educating visitors, residents & businesses and promoting partnership.

To ensure that this plan is fully delivered, Surrey Hills Enterprises aims to bring together independent companies and artisans based within the AONB, who have pledged to share their appreciation of the Surrey Hills landscape through their products and services.  The CIC also aims to provide a marketing platform to enhance awareness of the unique local character of businesses in the area influenced by the AONB.

Surrey Hills Love Local Membership Scheme is an opportunity for you to join a select group of independent businesses and traders who recognise that using the Surrey Hills Love Local marque will appeal to discerning customers, create added brand value, boost custom and provide networking opportunities. Increasing awareness of the provenance of goods and authenticity of trades and crafts means that customers have become more selective about how and where they spend their pound. Make sure they spend it with you by joining Surrey Hills Enterprises and featuring in our Surrey Hills Love Local directory.

To join you need to meet certain criteria:

  • Based in the Surrey Hills
  • Run your business sustainably
  • Share your appreciation of the Surrey Hills landscape through products and services
  • Follow ethical and legal employment and trading practices.

There are different levels of Surrey Hills Love Local membership, AssociateStandardand Premier, with increasing costs and benefits.