Official Media Partners

Energy Now & Diversify Now Magazines are official media partners of the 2016 National Wood Fuel Conference.

Energy Now

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Energy Now magazine focusses on the renewable energy opportunities available to the agricultural and rural communities of the UK. Published every 2 months by DJ Media; each issue reports on the news and developments from across the renewables sector, providing information and guidance on the options available, as well as best practices in energy generation and efficiency.

The independent information Energy Now provides has led to the installation of many renewable energy schemes in agricultural and rural locations across the country.


Topics covered in each issue include:

• AD & Biogas
• Biofuels
• Biomass
• Energy Crops
• Energy Efficiency, including storage
• Heat Pumps
• Hydropower
• Solar PV and Thermal
• Wind power

Identifying the most suitable option(s) is of course just the first step. Understanding the feasibility, financial ramifications, feedstock requirements (if appropriate), level of service needed and ways to improve the efficiency and maximise the returns are all essential if a scheme is to be successful. Energy Now provides this information, ensuring farmers and landowners are fully aware of the challenges, as well as the benefits that renewable energy has to offer.

An annual subscription to Energy Now is available at £36 and can be purchased at, or by speaking with a member of the team on 01905 616 665.

Diversify Now


Diversify Now magazine provides ideas, insight and practical guidance on the diversification opportunities available to the agricultural and rural communities of the UK. Published every 2 months by DJ Media, the company behind the popular Energy Now magazine, Diversify Now provides farmers and landowners with ideas on new enterprises, how they can be integrated into existing businesses, the likely benefits and any challenges to be aware of. Comments and advice from farmers and landowners that have already diversified, together with details of their initiatives, are included, as is useful information on areas such as feasibility, finance, legal ramifications, marketing, planning and any health and safety requirements. Companies on hand to assist are also promoted through the pages of Diversify Now.

The content of Diversify Now is, like the subject, wide and varied! Areas covered include:

• Camping
• Glamping
• Accommodation
• Renewable Energy
• Vineyards
• Food and Drink
• Farm Retail Outlets
• Festivals and other on farm events
• Weddings
• Equestrian
• Family attractions
• Storage
• Alternative farming

Diversity within agricultural and rural businesses is key to their future success. It is vital therefore to identify the most suitable ideas, understand how they can operate alongside your existing businesses and how to maximise the returns from these new ventures.

An annual subscription to Diversify Now is available at £36 and can be ordered at, or by speaking with a member of the team on 01905 616 665.