Horse Riding Safety

Safety Tips for Horseriders

  • Always wear high-viz gear. Horse riders share the countryside with walkers, other horses and cyclists, both on and off-road and it is very important that you can be seen from a distance.
  • Carry a mobile phone with an app that shows you where you are.
  • Clip a name and address tag to your saddlery just in case you and your horse part company.
  • Always call out to let people or cyclists know you are approaching behind them and encourage them to do the same for you. Thank any kind of small courtesy from others; acknowledge drivers who slow down for you; cyclists who let you know they are there; dog walkers who put their dog on a lead etc. The spirit of politeness in infectious!
  • Be aware of routes that are very popular with mountain bikes on Pitch Hill, Leith Hill Winterfold and Holmbury Hill and avoid at weekends if your horse is uncomfortable with them.
  • Where possible ride with a friend rather than alone.
  • Keep a piece of baler twine in your pocket in case you need to tie up your horse while out riding.

The British Horse Society produce a code of conduct for horse riders and cyclists.

Click here to download.

The British Horse Society also offer a Riding and Road Safety Test to help educate riders in road safety, in order to minimise the risk involved when riding on the roads, click here to find out more.