Inspiring Views

Discovering, revealing and interpreting views of the Surrey Hills

Funded by The Mittal Foundation, Surrey Hills Arts commissioned five artists from the region to create artworks inspired by far reaching views across the Greensand Way.

Some of the views are historic and Surrey Hills Arts have worked with partners such as the National Trust and local land owners to restore them and ensure long-term maintenance. Volunteers and apprentices have worked alongside landscape managers to create the open viewpoints and enhance access to a wider public including those with disabilities.

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All of the artworks respond to their location and incorporate seating providing a reason to visit, pause and appreciate the outstanding view. Each has been beautifully crafted, innovative in design and relevant to the sense of place.

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Five artists were commissioned to create unique pieces for each site.

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Poet John Wedgwood Clarke was commissioned as part of the Inspiring Views project to create poetry inspired by the views from the Greensand Way.

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Sound artist and musician Graham Dowdall immersed himself in the landscape around the Inspiring Views sites.  He spent time walking, talking to people, recording sounds and gazing out at the views.

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The Inspiring Views artists involved the local community around each of the locations. A series of walks, talks, workshops and demonstrations took place providing an insight into the work of the artist, the geology of the environment and the outstanding landscape.

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