Arts Projects

Surrey Hills Arts works in partnership with a wide variety of local organisations and venues. Here is a list of our current projects;


Forest Listening

This project explores the essential relationship between humans and trees. For three months, Liz K Miller has been recording the sound of rain beneath the sandy forest floor at Blackheath Forest, and from this sonic data has created a visualisation of the sounds. Her interest is Green Water, the moisture that cycles through plants, and this art installation highlights the complexity and fragility of these essential ecosystems, re-connecting humans with our non-human companion species – the trees. For further information visit This temporary installation will be in place 23 August – 5 September 2019.

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Harvest 2019 – One Moon

A celebration of our unique landscape through art and performance at Salomon’s Memorial viewpoint, Box Hill on Saturday 28 September.
In this anniversary of the lunar landing, artist Mary Branson will be creating a moon purely with people and giant moon lanterns in the field below. This will be viewable from Salomon’s Memorial, Box Hill as night falls. As the choreographed piece takes shape, singing, percussion and poetry will ring out from the hillside. Click here to find out more about the event.

See last year’s Harvest event here





Surrey Unearthed

The Surrey Hills landscape is intriguingly diverse, a result of its complex geology, geomorphology and pattern of human activity. Ten carefully selected artists will explore this rich and compact area that features the North Downs Chalk scarp, the Greensand and Clay of the Weald, river valleys, dense woodland and protected heathlands. Surrey Unearthed will celebrate the materials that form the landscape of the Surrey Hills throughout 2018, its 60th year of designation.
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Heathland Artworks

This partnership between Surrey Hills Arts, the University for the Creative Arts and the RSPB sees local Craft, Textile and Design students create new work for Farnham Heath which is exhibited throughout the Summer. The students benefit from professional development guidance throughout the project from preparing a proposal, developing and installing a public art project. Read about the project here.


Surrey Soundscapes

This creative writing and sound project allowed visitors to experience the section of the North Downs Way between the Chantries and Silent Pool in a new way. Writer Neal Cahoon is interested in the relationship between sound and the written word and presented this installation of sound recordings and prose-poems along the route between June – October 2017.

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Funded by TECHNE and the North Downs Way.


Creative Landscapes for Health

This project will see a sound artist, writer and visual artist respond to locations across the AONB with new work. Each artist will explore the sites whilst engaging with the local community providing creative health walks benefitting participants physically, socially and creatively.

At Gatton Park, artist Susan Ryland spent 4 months in residence exploring the notion of ‘taking the air’ and raising awareness of this unseen element in our environment. Her resulting project can be seen here.

Read more about the project here.

Supported by the Community Foundation for Surrey, Surrey Hills, Gatton Park, the National Trust.



Artist Mary Branson and Choreographer Rosie Heafford engaged the community around Runnymede with porcelain sculpture and intergenerational dance workshops. Inspired by the crash landing of the Flying Fortress aircraft there in WW2, they created a moving, atmospheric installation and performance in October 2012.


Imagination Pods

Two innovative spaces were created and exhibited at ‘Celebrating Surrey’ a Surrey Arts event in 2010 at Loseley Park. Something & Son worked with children in care from Woking to create a den for storytelling, and Janetka Platun worked with children in care from Epsom exploring identity to create a fascinating bubble full of their creative photographs.


Contemporary Art in the Surrey Landscape

Artists explore the history of the land and the mark humans have made on it with a series of artworks at Gatton Park, Box Hill and Waverley Abbey.


Garden Journeys

A year-long community project culminated in an exhibition at National Trust property Polesden Lacey. Focusing on contemporary art and exploring the way we look at traditional English gardens.


Landscape Residencies

Working in partnership with local venues to host artists to produce new work inspired by the location.

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