R2R: Gomshall to Dorking

Starting Point: Gomshall Railway Station
Length: 10.3Km Km
DIfficulty Level: 5

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1. Leave Gomshall Station on the side furthest from the car park. Go through the white gate and follow the footpath down the slope between the hedge and the fence.

2. Cross the road (A25), turning left and continue along the pavement. Just after Tillingbourne Farm & Smokery cross the road again and take the marked byway up the slope away from the road.

3. Turn right at the first signposted footpath, into Piney Copse. Follow the path through the copse and then pass through a gate, with a field on your left and the North Downs in the distance. Pass through a second
gate. Cross the road onto National Cycleway Route 22. Go through another gate and continue straight ahead. At the next crossroads continue straight ahead on the wide path (Cycleway 22), ignoring all paths left and right. Keep following Cycleway 22 until you come to a large stone Celtic cross, which is the Wilberforce Memorial, on Abinger Roughs.

4. Continue on Cycleway 22 until you reach a road (White Down Lane). Cross over the road, bearing left to stay on Cycleway 22 (ignoring another footpath to your right).

5. At Park Farm bear left staying on Cycleway 22. Once you reach the front of the farm house, at
the junction of paths, leave the Cycleway and take the left path directly towards the North Downs.
Go through a gate at the top of the field and into the woods, signposted White Down Lease. Follow
the broad bridleway to the left which curves right uphill.

At the next junction after 100 metres (marked A) you have a choice. Energetic walkers may wish to turn left here and continue up the slope for about 500m to enjoy the view of Dorking and its surrounding countryside from a picnic spot at the top (marked B) before returning to the route at this point.

Continue on the path down the slope. Go through a gate and continue ahead on the path as it winds through woodland and then open downs. Go through various wooden gateways.

6. You will then pass through two metal gates about 150m apart on open downs. Immediately after the second gate, where you re-enter woodland, by a large yew tree, take the wide path curving to your left going up the slope, away from the railway line that has been running parallel to you. Climb gradually up the slope of the North Downs.

7. At the next T-junction take the lower path. Continue on this track until it reaches a white
building straight ahead with a “Private” sign. Turn right down the slope marked with a blue NT arrow. At the next marker post continue straight on down the slope, this time following the NT yellow arrow. After 75 metres you reach a tarmac fenced drive. Turn right and continue down the hill. The footpath soon joins Ranmore Road.

8. Veer right and after 20 metres turn left into Ashcombe Road. (Note: It is possible to leave the route here and instead of turning into Ashcombe Road, continue along Ranmore Road to reach Dorking West Station on your right after 100m). At the next roundabout on Ashcombe Road, continue ahead, passing Ashcombe School on your right. At the junction with the main road (A24) turn right and then cross over at the pedestrian lights to access Dorking Deepdene Railway station.

Click here to download the walks leaflet with detailed map and route description