R2R: Dorking to Betchworth

Starting Point: Dorking Deepdene Station
Length: 8Km Km
DIfficulty Level: 5

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1. From Dorking Deepdene Station head to the A24 road. Turn left and walk a short distance before you see a footpath signposted to Pixham. Take the narrow tarmac alleyway between high wooden fences. At the next junction, turn left and go under the railway bridge. Follow this path, which becomes Pixholme Grove, and continue to the junction with Pixham Lane.

2. Cross over the road, go right under the railway bridge and then turn left into Leslie Road beside St Mary’s Church. Follow this road for 150m until you spot some modern white flats on your left.
Turn left at the signposted footpath just past these buildings and go through the metal kissing gate.

3. Follow this path until you reach Castle Mill. Turn left at the mill, cross the footbridge over the River Mole and continue on the path straight ahead towards Box Hill. Pass through a wooden kissing gate and out into a field. Follow the left hand side of the field, pass through another wooden kissing gate and down some steps.

4. Turn sharp right onto the tarmac road. Take the path over the bridge and continue on the tarmac road to the A25. Cross over and continue ahead, with the Betchworth Park Golf Club sign on your right. Bear left on the drive up towards the Golf Club, signposted as a public bridleway. Pass the Golf Club on your right. Continue straight ahead on the bridleway, signposted to Brockham.

5. After 1.3km, at the T-junction, turn left crossing the bridge over a stream. Pass Brooklands Cottage on your right and continue until you reach Brockham Village Green. (There are opportunities here for refreshments, food and toilet stop at the Royal Oak and Grumpy Mole Pubs and The Reading Room Café.) Continue across the Green, past both the pubs, until you reach gates at Brockham Court Farm. (Note The Pound to the right).

6. Take the bridleway (marked Greensand Way) on the left hand side of the gates. Cross the stream and then, after 100m, over a second bridge, where the path bears right. (Note the WWII defensive Pill Box on your right). Follow the path up the slope. At the top of the rise take the path on the right, staying on the Greensand Way. The path runs parallel to the River Mole, with houses on your left. Stay on the Greensand Way until you reach a tarmac drive crossing over the path. Go straight ahead, through the
wooden gates, into the churchyard.

7. Continue ahead, with the church on your left, through the metal gate at the other side of the
churchyard and out onto The Street. Cross into Wonham Lane, with the Dolphin Pub on the left.
After about 150m you may prefer to take the footpath up to the left, which runs parallel to the
narrow road until it reaches Sandy Lane. (You may wish to continue a further 50m along Wonham
Lane to enjoy the view over historic More Place).

8. Turn left up Sandy Lane. After 300m, take the first footpath to the left which looks like a private
driveway. Go straight ahead up the steps, where you will spot another footpath sign. Keep going
and cross a tarmac drive. Pass through a metal kissing gate on a narrow path, which runs down the
side of a horse pasture field. The path bends right and quickly left. Go through another metal kissing
gate. Cross over the next tarmac drive and keep ahead on the path between two wooden fences.
The narrow path pops out on Old Road.

9. Turn right along the road towards the Red Lion Pub. (This is the last place for refreshments and
toilets before the end of the walk). Follow the footpath which runs up the side of the pub, past the
pub’s car park, and keep going straight ahead. At the fork in the paths, keep left, heading towards
the A25, following the edge of the field. After about 450m look for a gap in the hedge to your left,
by a power pole. Take this path down the gulley and up the steps, which brings you out on the A25.

10. Cross straight over and take the footpath on the other side of the road, with a petrol station
on your left. Cross a bridge and then bear left following the stream. Go through the metal kissing
gate. Keep to the left of the field. At the end of the field, go left through the gate over the stream.
Keep going straight ahead across the middle of the field, with the railway line ahead of you. Do not
go towards the tunnel under the railway line, but keep straight ahead. Bear left and head for the left
hand corner of the field where you will find another metal kissing gate, close to the railway line.

11. Follow this path which runs parallel to the railway line for 450m all the way to Betchworth
Station for your journey home. (Note: There are no facilities at this station).

Click here to download the walks leaflet with detailed map and route description