Holmbury Hill Ride

Starting Point: Walking Bottom Car Park, GU5 9QW
Length: 8 Km

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Holmbury Hill is one of the great sandstone spurs jutting out over the Weald with fabulous views to the South Downs. From the crest – the centre of an Iron Age fort – you can sometimes see the sea in the Shoreham Gap. Look north and you will see the North Downs and London skyscrapers as well. The hill has a number of wide fire roads, some originally racehorse gallops. The tracks are sandstone but the edges are soft, and the going is excellent particularly for winter riding. The area is a centre of mountain biking so watch out for bikes on their network of narrow hilly cycle tracks. Avoid Walking Bottom car park at weekends if possible as it gets very crowded.

CLICK HERE to download & print an easy to follow version of this route with detailed map – perfect to take out on your ride.