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Crowd funding target reached for new Surrey Hills Inspiring View

Surrey Hills Arts are delighted to announce that they have hit their crowd funding target of £8000 to restore a lost viewpoint on the North Downs Way National Trail, undertake habitat creation for insect and butterfly populations and install a sculptural seat.

Just a short walk from Newlands Corner, the trees and undergrowth have grown up significantly, closing off views across the Weald to the South Downs. Now the target has been hit, Surrey Hills Arts will work with landowner, the Albury Estate to re-create and maintain the view, encouraging walkers along the North Downs Way National Trail and provide a stunning but quiet resting place.

Artist Will Nash has been commissioned to create the striking sculptural seat, developed from his fascination for geometry and patterns in nature. Created from weathering steel and packed with timber from the surrounding woodland the seat will blend into the landscape sympatheticaly. Concealed within the timber will be three spherical kaleidoscopes, one looking up at the branches against the sky, one capturing the tree foliage and one down towards the earth. The artwork will be called ‘Optohedron’ derived from the ancient Greek: optikós, “of seeing” and hédra “raised seat”.

Ali Clarke from Surrey Hills Arts comments; ‘We are so touched that many local people were inspired by this project enough to donate and make it happen. The Inspiring Views programme is successful in drawing new visitors and providing innovative places to pause and reflect on a journey. Visitor feedback from other artworks encouraged us to commission an even more interactive piece which will be great for families too.’

The ‘Inspiring Views’ programme was launched in 2016 with five sculptural seats along the Greensand Way in South West Surrey. All the projects engage local groups in the community to explore the local area, help with conservation work and learn new skills in a series of workshops led by the artist. Surrey Hills Arts aim to provide access to those who do not normally have the opportunity to enjoy the countryside whether this is young people in crisis or those with mental health issues. The new inspiring view ‘Optohedron’ will be installed in Spring 2020.

For further information on the Inspiring Views projects visit; www.inspiringviews.org