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Butterfly Project Vacancy

An exciting opportunity has arisen for a conservation role in the Surrey Hills.

The Surrey Small Blue Project directly supports Butterfly Conservation’s goals of promoting practical conservation, safeguarding important sites and landscapes for butterflies and moths and promoting the use of these insects as indicators of a healthy and biological diverse environment.

This will restore suitable breeding habitat for the Small Blue butterfly across a landscape network of 15 linked sites. Targeted conservation work will restore the early successional chalk grassland habitat required by the butterfly. This element of the project will strengthen the existing small Blue populations on nine occupied sites and greatly enhance the colonisation potential of at least five currently unoccupied sites, including two former sites, helping to maintain 30% of the county’s resource as well as enhancing the connectivity and sustainability of the wider network of the North Downs. In addition to the focus on the Small Blue, the work will benefit several other UK BAP Priority Species including Silver spotted Skipper and Adonis Blue butterflies, also Chalk Carpet and Straw Belle moths.

For further information on the role and to submit your CV please visit http://butterfly-conservation.org/56/jobs.html