The Team

The Surrey Hills team is responsible for taking forward initiatives derived from the Surrey Hills Management Plan. The team consists of the following personnel, whose job purposes are summarised below:

Rob Fairbanks
Rob Fairbanks, Surrey Hills AONB Director

The AONB Director works with the Surrey Hills Board Members and leads on developing policy and strategy affecting the Surrey Hills locally and nationally.

The Director also leads the AONB team in co-ordinating, advising and delivering actions identified in the Surrey Hills AONB Management Plan. Tel; 01372 220650 or email;

Caroline Price, Marketing Communications Officer

The role of the Marketing Communications Officer is to raise awareness and understanding of the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The role involves working with other members of the Surrey Hills Family as well as external organisations to promote the Surrey Hills as a national asset for the benefit of those who live, work and enjoy the area. Tel; 01372 220652 or email;

Denise Furlonger
Denise Furlonger, Office Manager

The role of the Office Manager is to plan, monitor and control budgets. This position also provides the secretariat functions to the Surrey Hills AONB Unit and Board to ensure the efficient running of the Unit. Tel; 01372 220653 or email;

Pennie King
Pennie King, Surrey Hills Working Group & Grants Administrator

The role of the Working Group and Grants Administrator is to co-ordinate all work related to the working groups as well as provide secretariat support. This role also works with the AONB Director to administer any grants that are made available to the AONB Board. Tel; 01372 220646 or email;

Clive Smith
Clive Smith, Planning Officer

The Planning Officer works with the 5 borough and district councils within the Surrey Hills offering advice and help on all planning issues affecting the AONB. Tel; 01372 220655 or email;