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Family Delivery Plan

The Surrey Hills AONB Board established a Surrey Hills group of organisations (the Surrey Hills Family) to help support the delivery of the AONB Management Plan. The Surrey Hills Family includes the Surrey Hills AONB Board, serviced by the AONB Unit, working collaboratively with: Surrey Hills Enterprises, Surrey Hills Society and the Surrey Hills Trust Fund.

Family Delivery Plan

Surrey Hills Enterprises

This Community Interest Company’s mission is to promote the Surrey Hills as a national asset for the benefit of local businesses in order to enhance our community and conserve our unique heritage. Controlled by a Board of Directors, including representatives of the AONB Board, it offers membership to commercial partners to use the Surrey Hills Trademark on behalf of the Surrey Hills AONB Board.

Surrey Hills Society

This charity is a membership organisation established as a charity to recruit and inform individuals with an interest in the Surrey Hills by running a range of walks, talks and awareness raising activity.

Surrey Hills Trust Fund

This is a dedicated fund established under the umbrella of The Community Foundation for Surrey to attract donations from individuals and companies to ensure the continued success of the AONB Unit.

Surrey Hills Family Delivery Plan

A Surrey Hills Family Delivery Plan details how the strategic objectives in the AONB Management Plan will be delivered. The strategic targets are themed in the following areas;

  • Planning
  • Landscape Conservation and Enhancement
  • Access, Enjoyment and Understanding
  • Growing the Surrey Hills Economy
  • Advocacy. Partnership and Coordination