The Equestrian Working Group

The Equestrian Working group was established in November 2015 to promote horse riding in the Surrey Hills.

Aim of the working group:

The Surrey Hills is promoted, managed and enhanced as an area of safe enjoyment for horse riding and carriage driving through a network of trails that benefits the rural economy.

The Objectives of the working group are:

1.    Creating a network of trails for hacking and carriage driving

2.    Promoting long distance equestrian routes

3.    Clearance and surface improvements, including protecting and enhancing access for horse riders and carriage drivers

4.    Reviewing opportunities to claim bridleways and permissive routes

5.    Raising awareness of horse safety with other users

6.    Ensuring effective promotion, signing and waymarking of all bridleways

7.    Reviewing parking for horse boxes and trailers and associated infrastructure

8.    Liaising with other users, eg Mountain Bike Working Group, Surrey Countryside Access Forum and SCC Horse Riders Working Group.

9.    Considering horse riders and carriage drivers when new developments are in the planning stage

Meetings 2020

Meeting 27 February 2020

Meetings 2019

Meeting 23 January 2019
Meeting 3 April 2019

Meetings 2018

Meeting 10 October 2018
Meeting 27 June 2018

Meetings 2017

Meeting 30 March 2017
Meeting 16 January 2017

Meetings 2016

Meeting 15 February 2016
Meeting 4 April 2016
Meeting 18 July 2016
Meeting 3 October 2016

Meetings 2015

Meeting 30 November 2015


Members of the Equestrian Working Group

Chairman – Rob Fairbanks, Director, Surrey Hills AONB Board

Support Officer – Pennie King, Surrey Hills AONB Board Working Groups Administrator

Representatives from the following groups:

British Horse Society
Horse drawn carriage drivers
Parish Councils
Residents/horse riders
Surrey Countryside Access Forum