Signage plays a vital part in reinforcing the message that drivers are entering a rural area. The Surrey Hills Gateway signs feature predominatly on A roads. They are the responsibilty of the Surrey Hills Board and help raise awareness that drivers are entering the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


Village Signs



The Surrey Hills Board work in partnership with Parish Councils to produce village signs. These signs work very effectively to show that a particular village is within the Surrey Hills boundary and help to re-inforce the rural character of a village.



To keep consistency across all villages signs the following specification needs to be followed. The individual village emblem encourages the distinctiveness of each village.


If you are interested in a sign for your village please contact us for further details;

Finger Posts


Surrey Hills Finger Posts are designed using natural materials with the Surrey Hills trademark branded into the top.

These directional posts help to reinforce that you are in a rural area.




For further information on signage in the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty please email