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Love Local Member, Albury Vineyard embrace Biodynamics

lovelocalIMG_3909Surrey Hills Love Local Premier member, Albury Vineyard are embracing Biodynamics! Biodynamics is probably the most advanced form of organic viticulture. Part of the process involves Horn Manure which is made by burying cow horns stuffed with dung from lactating organic cows!

Biodynamics is probably the most advanced form or organic viticulture. “Bio” means life and “Dynamics” means energy. It is an holistic approach which harmonises nature’s elemental forces of the earth (the soil), water (the vines), air (the weather) and fire (the sun). It also recognises that the phases of the moon have a significant influence on plants.

This week Albury Vineyard buried their first cow horns on the vineyard which will be left there over winter. The horns are dug up in the Spring, the contents dynamised in water and then sprayed on the vines. The purpose of this preparation is to improve the fertility of the vineyard. It also connects the vines to the land to encourage a sense of terroir in the grapes and ultimately the wine.

Many great vineyards and wineries around the world are convinced by the biodynamic approach, including Domaine Leflaive and Le Roy in Burgundy, Coulee de Serrant in the Loire, Beaux Freres in Oregon, Hensche in Australia and Jean-Pierre Fleury in Champagne.

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