What Is Surrey Hill Trust Fund?

What Is Surrey Hill Trust Fund?

Trees on Chantries (Guildford) looking up into spring green canopy-end April (landscape)Our beautiful Surrey Hills are in danger of irreversible damage from development and over use. To protect our children’s rural heritage, please support the Surrey Hills Trust Fund. The Fund will help to conserve and maintain the fragile environment of the Surrey Hills through a programme of projects and activities.

With your help, we can create a lasting legacy for the Surrey Hills ensuring it is enjoyed by generations to come. The Surrey Hills Trust Fund provides the chance to support projects that will benefit local communities and the environment. Give locally to protect the Surrey Hills now and in the future.

The Surrey Hills Trust Fund will support a wide-range of local projects from landscape conservation grants to community enterprise schemes. Below are examples of areas of work that your donations could support:

  • Landscape Conservation projects to open up viewpoints, restore landscape features etc.
  • Working with volunteers to undertake landscape access and conservation work.
  • Educating younger generations on the importance and value of countryside.
  • Enhancing the ecology & biodiversity of the local area through practical projects.

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