What We Offer

reigate hillFor our members, we offer a wide ranging programme of talks, visits and short, focussed, walks.  All of these are designed to increase the understanding and awareness of our members and their guests of the special landscape and features which characterise the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. 

For the wider public, we provide information about the AONB through our presence at a large number of Shows and Events across Surrey.  We are also a point of contact to learn more about the area, its special attributes, recreational opportunities such as self-guided walks and information about places to visit.

For other groups and organisations, we offer talks about the Surrey Hills using expert speakers from within our Management Team.  The income from these talks helps to support the wider work of the Society.

For third-party conservation and related organisations within the area, we provide a point of contact and, through our extensive network, the opportunity for hands-on volunteering and communication to enhance all our activities.  This allows mutual support for the organisations and avoids overlap of activities.

For rural producers and retailers, the Society provides a strong voice in support of the rural economy and a membership which, by its very nature, is keen to support local enterprise.  Our work includes promotion of specific companies, sector focussed activities and involvement in larger events which allow the Society to promote the local products to a wider audience. We also work closely with Surrey Hills Enterprises in support of their work with local producers.

For the AONB itself, the Society forms the public face of the AONB, acts on behalf of the AONB Board to promote the area to the public and works with the Board to undertake or support initiatives which help to deliver the Management Plan for the AONB.