Our Aims

The Society was established to

  • Promote, enhance and conserve the physical and natural environment and its natural beauty for the public benefit in and around the Surrey Hills AONB
  • Advance the knowledge and understanding of the public in the physical and natural environment, including but not limited to the management of natural resources and local economic development that is environmentally sustainable

These Objectives have been expanded to form the following Aims:

  • Encouraging a greater awareness and understanding of the Surrey Hills, as a ‘living and working’ landscape, through education, publicity, events and debates;
  • Providing  activities for members and supporters of the Society which include walks, talks, social events, advice, a website, a newsletter and other means for members and others to hear and share what is happening, exchange views and take part;
  • Promoting and championing farming, forestry and local industries, including tourism, raising the awareness of local produce and crafts which have an influence on the character and history of the Surrey Hills;
  • Protecting and improving the facilities for recreational use of the area, balancing local concerns with visitor enjoyment and working with other organisations so as to ensure this;
  • Seeking to encourage conservation alongside the improvement of the amenities and features which make the Surrey Hills special;
  • Influencing regional and local authorities and seeking high standards of town and country planning so as to protect and enhance the landscape and character of the Surrey Hills.