A fundamental role of the Surrey Hills Board is to ensure that the features that make the Surrey Hills worthy of its AONB designation are protected.

AONB Planning Policy

The prime purpose of the AONB designation is to conserve and enhance the natural and scenic beauty of the landscape. However, the Surrey Hills is not a museum, and development may need to take place from time to time in response to the needs of society, both local and wider.

A fundamental role of the local planning authorities is to ensure that the very features that make the Surrey Hills special and worthy of its AONB designation are protected. This is achieved by strict development plan policies and through the vigilant exercise of development management powers. The Surrey Hills Management Plan seeks to ensure that both are applied in a consistent manner across the AONB. Development proposals should take into account any Landscape Character Assessments for the locality and the Surrey Hills publication “Environmental Design Guidance”.

London and the South East’s economic success, combined with the attractive environment of the Surrey Hills, creates substantial demand for development that is constrained by environmental restrictions. These pressures are expected to increase and justify especially stringent controls of development. The cumulative effects of many, often small, developments over decades and centuries would reduce the landscape and scenic beauty of the Surrey Hills and spoil it for future generations.These and other pressures and threats are considered to justify the AONB Management Plan policies for strict controls of development in this most sensitive of landscapes.

National Planning Policy

The National Planning Policy Framework was updated in 2019 and sets out the government’s planning policies for England and how these are expected to be applied.

Click here to view the National Planning Policy Framework.

Planning Advice

The Surrey Hills Planning advisor, Clive Smith works part-time for the AONB Board. Clive works with the 5 borough and district councils within the AONB offering advice and help on all planning issues affecting the AONB.

To contact the Surrey Hills Planning Advisor please email;

Map of the Surrey Hills

Check which areas fall within the Surrey Hills AONB boundary click here to visit the Surrey County Council interactive map.

Map of the Surrey Hills


Map of the AONB