Terms & Conditions of Exhibiting at Surrey Hills Sculpture Garden 2016


Applications must be made online and must include a good quality photograph (no larger than 1mb) of each piece of work. Applicants must also complete stewarding information. Up to six pieces of work (of which two can be indoor exhibits) may be submitted, that were not exhibited in the last two years at Birtley House. APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN FRIDAY 12TH FEBRUARY 2016.


It is the sculptors’ sole responsibility to ensure that their work does not infringe on any third-party copyright. Surrey Hills Enterprises CIC and Birtley House Group Ltd (including Birtley Brook Estates) accepts no responsibility for any copyright infringement by any of the sculptures/sculptors.


Entry Fees are £7.50  +VAT per exhibit. Cheques should be made payable to Surrey Hills Enterprises CIC. Payment is due once when you receive confirmation that your entries have been accepted and an invoice has been sent.


All exhibits must be for sale and not just available to order.


Birtley House holds Public Liability Insurance only. This covers responsibility in case of accident to the public. It does not include theft or damage to the exhibits. The venue cannot be held responsible for this and insurance of individual works is the responsibility of the artist.


If a plinth is required, exhibitors are expected to supply a grey weatherproof plinth for outdoor exhibits, unless integral to the piece. Indoor exhibits should have a white plinth, if one is required. An indication of the size, style and material, of the plinth should be included in the application.


The sale price will be displayed as inclusive of VAT and should be calculated to include 20% commission. All sales will be conducted through Surrey Hills Enterprises CIC and 20% commission will be deducted before the artist is paid. Surrey Hills Enterprises CIC will charge the customer an additional 2.5% for any payment made via credit card. Where multiple editions of the same exhibit have been sold, it is the responsibility of the sculptor to ensure that buyers receive their piece based on the edition number purchased.
NB. Packaging and delivery arrangements will be made by negotiation between the artist and the purchaser and are not the responsibility of the venue.


Unless stated otherwise in writing by the Artist, works exhibited may be photographed for publicity purposes in connection with the exhibition.


It is the sole responsibility of the sculptor to ensure that all work is of saleable quality and not damaged or poorly constructed. The sculptor is responsible to the purchaser and must refund or replace any piece which is found to be defective in any way.


Removal exhibits before the end of the exhibition will NOT be permitted. Failure to collect on the Take Down day (Monday 6th June 2016) will incur storage charge.


Safety of sculpture is the responsibility of the exhibitor, who must ensure that the work is securely anchored to a plinth and/or the ground. Works that do not meet health and safety standards may be removed from the exhibition.


Only unique pieces or strictly limited editions are to be exhibited. Entries will be selected with the overall design and balance of the exhibition as a major consideration. The selection committee’s decision is final.


The Exhibitions Designer’s decision is final. No exhibitor may move or re-arrange a piece of work once the exhibition has been set up without the Designer’s permission. Works moved without express permission may be removed from the exhibition.


This exhibition is for medium and large outdoor pieces and a very few small indoor works. Priority for indoor work will be given to those exhibiting outdoor pieces.


Set up days: Monday 25th April 2016, 9am to 5pm only
Tuesday 26th April, 9am to 5pm only
Wednesday 27th April, 9am – 5pm only
Take down: Monday 6th June 2016, 10am to pm only