Winterfold Ride

Starting Point: Walking Bottom Car Park, GU5 9QW
Length: 12 Km

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This interesting 12km circular trail takes you across a variety of terrain, from the sandstone of Pitch Hill, across open farmland with fabulous views to St Martha’s, over sandy heathland at Farley Green and back on long straight bridleways through Winterfold Forest.

The trail begins at Walking Bottom Car Park, GU5 9QW. This spacious car park is a very busy mountain biking hub so best to avoid weekends. The bikes will not be going your way though!

CLICK HERE to download & print an easy to follow version of this route with detailed map – perfect to take out on your ride.


  • Start at Walking Bottom car park in Peaslake, turning left up the tarmac road and taking the first sharp right-hand hairpin along Lawbrook Lane.




  • After about 500m turn left onto a bridleway which takes you through farmland.




  • There are three spring loaded gates with high lever catches between the fields.




  • Pull the gate towards you and ride through. The third gate takes you onto Hound House Road. Watch out for traffic.



  • Go left for 50m.Then take the bridleway on the right at Knowle Grange.



  • This path takes you along a narrow track bearing right between fields and woodland to Lockhurst Hatch Farm. Go through the farm gate, closing with the rope loop. Ride through the farm down the drive to the lane and turn left up the lane, Lockhurst Hatch.



  • This will take you all the way to a T junction with Shophouse Lane in Farley Green signed towards Albury, Guildford.




  • Turn right and ride along the lane into Farley Green Village. Ride across the grass next to the road and bear left along the sandy drive till you hit Farley Heath Road.



  • Turn left along the road for 50m and then turn right, taking the left of the two tracks.




  • Continue along the track till you come to cottages on the right and take the little slip road on the left across the grass.




  • You are looking for a very narrow path through the bushes 90 deg to the left, just before the grass peters out, that will go all the way to Farley Heath car park.



  • This long track goes gently uphill and you just follow it, keeping straight and crossing a series of junctions until it reaches the Romano Celtic Temple at Farley Heath Car Park. A lovely sandy trail. (You could start the ride from here if parking is easier.)



  • Ride across the car park keeping parallel with the road and cross the road at the far exit. Take the bridleway immediately facing you.




  • Keep going throught the woods until you come to a T junction with a hard sand driveway.





  • Turn left and go past Mayor House Livery Stables, keeping on the main track. Cross over Ride Lane BOAT and keep going until the now metalled drive joins Shophouse Lane.



  • Turn left along the lane until the road makes a sharp 90 deg turn to the left.




  • There is a brick Post Box on the right and just past it is a narrow bridlepath dipping steeply downhill, next to a wider track marked Row Lane. Take the path – it’s quite short.



  • Turn right when it meets the nice firm track going along the valley bottom. (There is a muddy pond behind the fence on your right by the junction!).



  • You are now entering Winterfold Forest, on a well marked bridleway. The trail takes you for 1.5k right the way to Jelley’s Hollow, so just follow the blue signs as the bridlepath crosses several forest roads.
    Along the way you will come across a magical valley, where the old Forestry Commission plantation has been felled. It’s stunning!


  • Keep going through the woods following the blue bridleway markers. The track brings you to a lane with the dramatic gorge of Jelley’s Hollow immediately opposite.



  • Without going onto the road, though, turn left and up the main path past the row of little stumps.




  • This track has open Hurtwood heathland to the left and woods to the right. It roughly follows the lane. After about 700m it goes past a car park immediately on your right


shortly afterwards dips down into another car park by the junction at the top of Horseblock Hollow.




  • There is a bridleway fingerpost pointing down the hill to the left. Take this path for 1.5k. It’s a bit stony to start with. Keep going through the wooden barrier.




  • Carry on down the hill, crossing over the forest road and following the bridleway markers.



  • You will go past two of Winterfold’s spring-fed ponds known as ‘wells’, and head uphill through another wooden gateway.



  • This path goes through the woods past mountain bike trails and comes out on the drive opposite Bentley’s Copse, the outdoor adventure centre, on Hound House Road.



  • Cross the road and follow the track past the centre on the left, down the hill and up the other side. Keep straight, cross a big fire road on your right, and carry on until you come out on Hurtwood House drive leading to Walking Bottom lane.


  • Cross the lane, take the path opposite and go downhill and bear left to emerge back in Walking Bottom Car Park.