Byways Working Group

off roadThe damage caused by off-road vehicles is seen as a major threat to the Surrey Hills AONB. This includes damage done to historic boundary banks and conflict with other users. Many Byways Open to All Traffic (BOATs) are very difficult to access and create a hostile environment for other users like, walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

The Byways Working Group has been established to consider the management and appraise the condition of BOATs in the Surrey Hills AONB and take pro-active management action to minimise damage by motorised vehicles.

The Working Group has produced a flyer with further information on reporting illegal off road activity. To download the flyer click here.

For a list of BOATs in Surrey please click here.

Cllr David Wright

“There is mounting concern about the damage being caused to the protected Surrey Hills landscape by an irresponsible minority of off-road drivers. Off-road enthusiasts, conservationists, landowners and the police have joined forces in a new working group to tackle the problem”.

David Wright
Chairman of the Byways Working Group.

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