Management Plan

bluebellsThe Surrey Hills AONB Management Plan is one of a national family of Plans. There are 34 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) in England, covering 15% of the land area, and a further 4 in Wales and 8 in Northern Ireland. AONBs are designated by Government for the purpose of ensuring that the special qualities of our finest landscapes are conserved and enhanced. AONB Management Plans are intended to:

  • Highlight the special qualities and the enduring significance of the AONB and the importance of its landscape, wildlife and cultural heritage, identifying those features that are vulnerable to change.
  • Present an integrated vision for the future of the AONB as a whole, in the light of national, regional and local priorities, regardless of administrative boundaries.
  • Set out agreed policies which will help secure that vision.
  • Identify actions which will support those economic and social activities which in themselves contribute to the conservation and enhancement of natural beauty.

The AONB Management Plan is the only document with a focus on the whole of the AONB and the only one that is primarily focused on the purpose of AONB designation, which is the conservation and enhancement of natural beauty.