Woolmer Hill School Workshop with Walter Bailey
Woolmer Hill School Workshop with Walter Bailey

The Inspiring Views artists are engaging with the local community around each of the locations.  From May to October, they are giving walks and talks, workshops and demonstrations to all ages and abilities.  These sessions give an insight into the work of the artist, the geology of the environment and the history of artists being inspired by the outstanding landscape.

Workshops include studying the material of charcoal with GCSE students, writing poetry with older people, creating layered sculptures with children, making artworks in the woods from natural found objects and capturing field recordings for new sound pieces . There is a lecture for graduates at the University for the Creative Arts and professional development for local artists and crafts people.

Education and Outreach Programme

Creative workshops have taken place in the localities around each art work. Walter Bailey has worked with GCSE art students who learned about the structure of charcoal and created studies from photo micrographs.

Russell Jakubowski has run some sculpture workshops linking to his layered constructions with Year 5 children in Cranleigh Primary School, Year 9 children in Glebelands Secondary School and children at St Joseph’s specialist school.


Local artists gained an insight to the project and made individual sculptures in a day long workshop at the Education Studio at Alderbrook.

Giles Miller is visiting Peaslake Free School to run a workshop with the infants who are studying the Hurtwoood during the summer term.

Poet John Wedgwood Clarke came to stay with an artist near the Hurtwood in June. He enjoyed interacting with local walkers and had an insightful meeting with members of the Surrey Archaeology Society. Infants from Peaslake had fun exploring words with John and he incorporated their phrases into a poem about the Hurtwood. John is currently working on five short poems inspired by the sites.

Sound artist Graham Dowdall is visiting all the sites to make recordings which he is layering with music to create five new pieces. Graham is also working with young people from the Cranleigh area as part of the Youth Service’s Open Challenge Project, to encourage young people outdoors. They will be photographing and taking field recordings, which they will compile into a soundtrack.