~8934340Walter Bailey explores charcoal, its historical relevance to the Greensand Way and how this material has supported individuals and industries enabling the
shaping of copper, bronze, glass and iron. For his Xylem bench, he examines charcoal under the microscope and makes enlarged studies of these to inform his intuitive approach of carving directly out of oak. This bench will sit at a new, accessible view point at the National Trust location of Gibbets Hill, Hindhead.

Directions to Xylem



~8853622Giles Miller is interested in how visitors of iconic sites and places of natural beauty often leave personal or commemorative messages for loved ones. He has designed a shelter from which to sit and look out one the beautiful view from Winterfold. Working with surface specialist, Kirsty Little, they will be creating a surface of wooden shingles engraved with words and messages from local people and visitors. Perspectives will sit nestled within the woods with a clear view over the South Downs providing shelter and a space for focused contemplation. Click here to watch a video about Perspectives.

Directions to Perspectives



Russell Jakubowski is creating a dynamic form inresponse to the result of a great cycle of marine sedimentation that lasted until the end of the Cretaceous period when the land lay beneath water. The layers of sedimentation, contours of the land and the visible forms and cycles of nature inspires this design. Russell has carried out research into recycled plastic sheets as an environmental, robust alternative to wood. Sixty sheets of the wave like shapes will be bolted together. The Contour bench will sit at the breathtaking view point at Reynard’s Hill in the Hurtwood.

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Matthew Burt Holmbury Hill-7JM1mb

Matthew Burt takes his inspiration from the local landscape. His Converse bench arrangement will see beautifully crafted benches in an arrangement that allows for social conversation and picnics as well as facing out to the beautiful, lesser trodden spot at Holmbury Hill. This location is fully accessible and the bench arrangement is designed to allow for wheelchair access.

Directions to Converse



Grains-5 smlSculptor Tom Nicholson Smith is inspired by Greensand itself. He has looked at the microscopic particles noting their shapes and wide range of tones. He will create a grouped arrangement of carved oak forms that represent grains of sand. This allows for an informal seating arrangement ideal as an opportunity for walkers to stop and enjoy the view at Hascombe Hill.

Directions to Grains
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